Friday, August 12, 2011

Introduction - Locum post 1

I am not new to being a locum, I have been a GP partner in the past and prior to this I did a stint of locuming. My reasons for choosing this line of work are fairly simple - I like the job of seeing patients - I dislike meetings and I like variety. I enjoy doing the job i was trained to do; some dont and seek other avenues such as being an appraiser or more often - those that cant (or dont like to) do, try to manage.

This post will serve mostly as an introduction rather than anything else - witty or otherwise.

My working pattern is rather random - I do some shifts in A&E, I do daytime practice work and I do some out of hours sessions too! Filling my diary as a general rule isnt a problem, although I do get the odd quiet month - but fallow days where i would want to work and cant get work are few and far between. Of course I may have to choose a day off during the week instead of a week day, or an evening instead of a day session, but as I am single and only see my offspring on a fortnightly basis this doesnt interfere with my life too much. I guess if I wanted I could choose daytime work only, and by doing so would amass a larger number of practices that use me regularly - but I choose not to work this way

In terms of my income - hour for hour I probably earn less than a principal in General Practice, but I supplement that with more profitable out of hours sessions and because I am not worn down by seeing the same old patients every week and a 'change being as good as a holiday' and all that, i am able to work a little more and still not feel stressed or strained by it.

Anyway - a bientot

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  1. Hmmm - must say I find it easier to work more as a GP principal than I did as a locum. But then, I hated how OOH work upset my sleep pattern.

    Good luck with the blog!